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Jet Litchfield is a drummer, percussionist. Available for live, studio and online sessions.

Jets musical journey began at the age of 8 by the constant nagging at his parents for a drum kit. Jet began drum lessons from the age of 9 after developing a strong passionate love for the instrument. Jet quickly developed all the skills needed to become a successful drummer and was sought after to teach drums at the local music centre. After teaching and passing his grade 8 drums, Jets interest and strengths developed further with the constant writing and reading of music, his reading skills shot up and saw him playing in several theatre productions (Sweeney Todd, Lion the witch and the wardrobe and Jesus Christ Superstar). In his performing career Jet has played in function bands to the likes of the RAF, Orange and BP. As well as playing in original bands and session work as a drummer and producer. In 2010 Jet moved to Guildford to study Drums at the Academy Of Contemporary Music. After finishing Jet has been busy recording for session artists as an online drummer, with his own professional recording studio. Jet is constantly looking for new people to work with and new challenges to face him as this will only improve his playing.


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