If you are just starting out as a drummer or already have a sound knowledge of the

instrument, I can tailor your lessons to accommodate your goals. Lessons take place in

my professional studio, which is located in Barton Seagrave, Northamptonshire.

The studio is fully equipped with top of the range equipment. I have achieved a

100% pass rate for exam students ranging from grades 1-8.

I am a competent player within these different genres Jazz, funk, shuffle, big band,

rock, pop, metal and latin, wether you are not interested in some of them, each will

accompany the other and boost your playing and musical understanding.

Beginners topics covered.

Music introduction, snare exercises, sticking patterns, theory explanation.

Advanced techniques covered.

Poly rhythms, odd times, 4 way independence, left hand dominance, multi pedal playing, studio playing.

As well as the above topics and techniques covered I also offer several different practice and analytical services:

Audio Analysis

Like a sportsperson has video analysis, musicians have the capability of Audio Analysis. This service is the recording of a performer and re-listening to that performance and working out their weaknesses, this can be a shock to even the most advanced players. I offer this as part of my tuition service, due to my performances as both a performer and recording engineer I have vast experience with how to achieve the best from certain scenarios. This will be done with top of the range equipment (Microphones, software, External peripherals)


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Jet Litchfield is a drummer, percussionist. Available for live, studio and online sessions.

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