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Jet Litchfield is a drummer, percussionist. Available for live, studio and online sessions.


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My name is Jet Litchfield, I am a Northamptonshire based Session Drummer and Drum Tutor.

I am a full time working musician and currently offering Drum Lessons from my home studio, which is fully equipped with top of the range equipment.

I have over 15 years experience within the music industry, I am also a recording engineer and have the facilities to record your lesson or your current band work.

To contact me regarding lessons, please find my contact details on the contact page.

Not only does Jet have the knowledge and skill to teach, he is also an extremely patient person, going out of his way to make sure that Thomas understands fully. Thomas has grown in confidence and looks forward to his new challenge each week. Keep up the great work.

                                                                                                      Thomas’s Dad (Thomas age 9)